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Commercial versus Residential Locksmith – What’s the difference?

There may come a moment when one would question themselves if there is a significant difference between a commercial and residential locksmith. These differences will be explored further in this article as we also realize that not all doors lock the same. These differences bring about the importance of finding the correct locksmith as per one’s needs. The average homeowner may only need to have locks changed on rare occasions and may get occasional key cut for a house guest or a child who may need their key. However, businesses may need to have more keys cut to deal with employee turnover as security in organizations is crucial. Many businesses build up a relationship with locksmiths for the reason of safety.


Residential locksmiths work with residential properties. These locksmiths have invested years of training into exquisitely mastering the technology required to work with the automotive locks. The other type is Commercial locksmiths, who work exclusively on highly specialized locks for commercial purposes.


 Residential Locksmith


They specialize in the safety and security of homes. Some of the tasks that they are highly specialized in include repairing locks, cutting out new keys, and helping people who may have been locked out of their house. Residential locksmiths come in handy in situations where one may have lost their keys. In cases where one needs additional access, these locksmiths would be of great help.

Residential locksmiths (see locksmith near me) can also help assess one’s home security after a careful study of the various locking mechanisms within one’s residential property and provide tips for upgrading the locks.


Commercial Locksmith


They are primarily concerned with commercial businesses. Since commercial properties use unique locks and systems than residential homes, a higher level of expertise is needed to handle the locking mechanisms, thus requiring a high level of training, experience, and skills. Additionally, commercial locksmiths may need to have extensive knowledge of a wide range of the commercial locking systems’ ins and outs. They deal with extensive lock control systems ranging from electronic security controls, safes, filing cabinets, panic bars, and bank vaults. They also have experience in master key systems.




In short, like any other field of specialization, locksmiths may opt to practice in residential or commercial properties, depending on their interests. Finding the right locksmith should also not be overlooked, as it is the best way to ensure the safety of one’s home or business. Some of the considerations to make in choosing a locksmith would depend on the skills, expertise, and technology necessary for specific needs.

A&B Locksmith auto offers solutions to all security needs for residential and commercial property at any time of the day. To connect with one of their professional team members, one has to call them to have them dispatched to your location.



Welcome to One Normanton Park

One Normanton Park- The highlight of the Southern Skyline:


Welcome to One Normanton Park, a luxurious, yet affordable, leasehold condominium located just off of Ayer Rajah Expressway in the heart of Singapore, sitting in the District 5 neighborhood. Being so close to the Expressway ensures a quick and easy connection to the Central and Western parts of Singapore. With nearby future development plans, this resort-like property will be in the heart of the action, yet offer a secluded feeling, with providing 24 hours security onto the premise for privacy and safety, as well as gorgeous landscaping and greenery, which is inspired by The Meandering Rivers Of The Amazon, along with the natural woodland of Kent Ridge Park.


Various living options provided to meet the needs of everyone


Within the nine towers are 1862 units, eight of these being commercial units, which offer a boutique, opulent feeling. Depending on potential resident’s needs, various layouts are available (see this Normanton Park showflat). Anywhere from one to five bedroom- ranging from 484 square feet, all the way up to a spacious 1615 square feet, along with the Terrace Housing option, offering 2110 square feet. All units are sure to impress with the high-end design that meets any budget.


Endless options of facilities


The land plot of this mega-development is approximately 684,516 square feet, 80% of this is used for landscaping and the abundant 100 facilities, varying from tranquil pools and cabanas to outdoor trampolines and playgrounds for the children, ensuring that there will be something for everyone, with the convenience of being right outside the front door. With all the various options available, it will feel like a getaway 365 days a year.


Convenience that comes with this location


Nearby attractions offer top-tier schools, including Anglo Chinese School, United World College and National University of Singapore, along with Alexandra retail center and Mapletree Business City. It is also accessible to Buena Vista and Kent Ridge MRT Station, by way of public transportation. A quick 5 minute walk and residents will find themselves right in the middle of nature within Kent Ridge Park.


Where it began


This entire masterpiece was created by a world-renowned developer by the name of Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd, which is known for being diversified with each of their large-scale projects. They offer practical, yet prestigious living solutions for everyone from singles to large families. With this project, they have managed to give one of the first, if not the very first, campus-style living environment. By doing so, they offer a convenient, safe and luxurious living experience for everyone who resides there. Potential prospects cannot go wrong with choosing one of the lavish living options located within this development.



Lemon Tree Planting and Care

Who doesn’t want a lemon tree in their yard? If you are a citrus lover and want to plant some citrus trees, start with lemon. The plants can be small while still being durable and can live for a long time. They are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow and care for. While lemon trees may be low maintenance, how you care for them is still important.


To care for a lemon tree, you need to plant lemon seeds. Just because you plant seeds from a type of lemon doesn’t mean you will get that type of tree. Some times you will, sometimes you won’t. Lemon seeds are easy to grow, but they take time.

First, take a lemon, slice it, and remove the seeds. Wash the seeds. Never plant seeds with pulp or sugar on them. A fungus may develop, and this could lead to the development of a fungus that may kill the seed.

Plant the wet seed in moist soil and then place plastic wrap over it. The plastic wrap will keep the soil moist and raise the soil’s temperature. Set the pot somewhere warm with a lot of light. Once the seedlings pop up, you can remove the plastic. When the seedlings have several leaves on the stem, then you can transport them into larger plots. When you plant your seedlings, keep in mind that lemons like slightly acidic soil. If you need to make your soil more acidic, you can add lime or sulfur to change the pH.


For the tree to grow and produce lemons, you need to water it. Lemons like water. They really like water, but you shouldn’t over-water them. Keep the soil moist. If the soil is soggy, then root rot can develop, and that can cause the plant to die. To be sure, take your forefinger and stick it into the soil. If your fingertip is wet, then you don’t have to water it. If it is not, then water it until the pot overflows.

It is possible to grow a lemon tree inside, and if you do, make sure the pot has good drainage and mist the plant to keep the leaves moist.

Temperature and Fertilizer

Lemon trees like a lot of sun and warm temperatures. They like a temperature between 50 and 80 degrees. During the winter, if it gets colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible, take the plant inside. The humidity level should also be at 50 percent or higher. You should also fertilize your lemon tree regularly during the growing season. Between spring and fall, fertilize your tree once every two to three weeks. A fertilizer high in nitrogen works best.


Storing TShirt Treasures in Heaven

As believers, we know that our lives are meant to bring Glory to God. But oftentimes it can be difficult to manifest that goal in our everyday lives. So the leadership team here at Christian Shirts and More set out on a mission to find ways to help make this a little easier. While t-shirts might not be the first tool you think of when finding a way to share your faith, it felt to us like a simple way to brand ourselves as Christians, which, can help lead us into conversations that we might not otherwise have had. This desire turned into reality and thus, our mission was born which is, “to assist individuals in the sharing of their faith in Jesus Christ by providing an opportunity for witnessing and identification with other believers”.


Why is it important to share our faith?

If you have accepted Christ as your savior, or perhaps you are shopping for somebody who has made this decision, sharing the Gospel is considered the great honor of our lives. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Not only are we commanded to make disciples by sharing our faith, but as Christians, this is how we find our joy.

How do we share our faith?

By now you know that we share our faith through producing and wearing T-shirts and other apparel to help draw attention to the fact that we are unashamed of our belief in Jesus Christ. But we don’t want it to end there. The vision behind this company is to ensure you have a tool to accomplish our life mission of bringing Glory to God and that starts with a conversation. Here are some helpful ways we have found to use our Tshirts as witnessing tools.

  • Wearing it to work. Thank you Millenials for helping to bring a casual and more relaxed wardrobe into the office these days.
  • Wearing it to sporting events. You’d be surprised how many people will comment, “Can you pray that we win today?” When noticing your shirt.
  • Wearing it to Church. Christians need encouragement from one another. Christians who may be struggling with how to share their faith can easily be encouraged by noticing that their fellow brother or sister in Christ is unabashedly ready to proclaim their faith also.


Sometimes all it takes is a planting of a small seed. You may never even know the impact you might have on somebody by simply wearing a t-shirt but no matter what you wear, we charge you to boldly step out in faith and find ways to bring glory to God. Let us know how we might be able to assist you in that endeavor.

Your friendly Tshirt creators in Christ,