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Best Cast Iron Pan for Tortillas

What is a Comal?

A comal is a heavy cast iron or aluminum pan used for cooking of various types of foods that originated in the Mexican culture. The pan is most frequently used for tortillas as it has a large surface area that maintains high heat. Since the comal is made from cast iron, it is key that the pan is seasoned before use and cleaned in a specific manner. To season, make sure it is first cleaned with soap and water then dried. Following this, place a small bit, about one tablespoon, of oil in the pan and spread it out evenly over all surfaces. Next, place the pan in a hot oven, usually around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and heat the pan allowing the oil to coat the pan and seal any small gaps in the metal.


What Should I look for in the Best Comal?

When you decide that you want to add a comal to your kitchen, you must also think about which pan to buy. The answer to that question depends on your needs and your goals with your cast iron pan.

Consider size, material, shape, and extra features that each pan offers. The size of the pan will depend on how much you cook, how many portions you plan to cook with your pan, and what size stove you have available.

The material of the comal can be aluminum or cast iron, but cast iron tends to be more durable and versatile for use according to reviewho. Comals can be flat or concave depending on design and needs. Some pans come with extra features like wooden handles or silicone covers to prevent burning your hands on the cast iron handle of the pan itself.


Top Comals

The best overall and the most affordable comal comes from Lodge pans from Tennessee. This company is known for making comals both high in quality and durability. They have wide surface areas for heating and come pre-seasoned with vegetable oil to save you time and get you right to cooking. They also have additional features of silicone handles for easier use.

The best multi-purpose pan comes from Victoria which boasts a long history of excellent cookware production including pre-seasoned comals. They make cast iron pans with large surface areas that retain heat for up to 15 minutes following removal from the stove.

The best high end comal comes with a slight price increase but is the perfect pan for tortilla cooking. The Mexican Tortilla Griddle is smaller than other comals, but more dense for high heat retention in making the perfect tortilla. It also has a longer handle so you avoid burnt hands while cooking.


Driving with a Chinese Driver’s License in Australia

Australia is well-recognized for its naturally beautiful sceneries and cultural diversity that attracts many people from worldwide. When you compare between public transport system for Australia and China, you may notice there are very different. You may find the fare charges in Australia to be relatively high.


The country’s big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have various tourist attractions within their CBD’s vicinities. Therefore, visitors can enjoy their view even while traveling using public means of transport. Besides, the regular hikes to sceneries in far located areas such as the Penguin Island and the Great Ocean Road are incredibly impressive.


If you would love to explore Australia’s local culture or enjoy the beauty nature comes with, road driving trips can be a perfect choice. For those Chinese citizens visiting Australia for the first time, the obvious concern is whether the Australian government legally recognizes the Chinese driver’s license. Well, the answer is yes. But there are a few things you would need to have to enjoy driving in the country.


For instance, you must have an original Chinese driver’s license. A recognized 驾照翻译 translation agency should translate it into Australian English for easy reading and understanding.


The requirement is the same as for temporary visa holders such as students, tourists, employees, businesspersons, non-permanent residents in Australia. Besides, you may have two options to consider if you have a temporary visa and want to drive in Australia.


  1. Get International Driving Permit

In case you already own an international driving permit, there’s nothing that will limit you from driving in Australia. But, because China is not one of the FIA members and doesn’t even recognize the international driver’s license, it can be hard to get it on china’s mainland.


The good thing is that you can apply for a Hong Kong driver’s license using a china driver’s license from the mainland. After that, apply for the permit using now the Hong Kong driver’s license.


The whole process follows certain criteria, which you must strictly follow, and the fees charged are high. In other words, obtaining an international driver’s permit from Australia can be a tricky task.


  1. Use Chinese Driver’s license and approved translation

Australia’s government only accepts Chinese driver’s licenses formally translated by certified translators.


Renting a car in Australia

With your Chinese driver’s license, its translation copy, and a credit card, you can easily rent a car from anywhere across the country. Therefore, there is no doubt about driving across your favorite Australian attraction spots. if you are visiting Australia soon you know have the information you need about your driving license.


Lemon Tree Planting and Care

Who doesn’t want a lemon tree in their yard? If you are a citrus lover and want to plant some citrus trees, start with lemon. The plants can be small while still being durable and can live for a long time. They are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow and care for. While lemon trees may be low maintenance, how you care for them is still important.


To care for a lemon tree, you need to plant lemon seeds. Just because you plant seeds from a type of lemon doesn’t mean you will get that type of tree. Some times you will, sometimes you won’t. Lemon seeds are easy to grow, but they take time.

First, take a lemon, slice it, and remove the seeds. Wash the seeds. Never plant seeds with pulp or sugar on them. A fungus may develop, and this could lead to the development of a fungus that may kill the seed.

Plant the wet seed in moist soil and then place plastic wrap over it. The plastic wrap will keep the soil moist and raise the soil’s temperature. Set the pot somewhere warm with a lot of light. Once the seedlings pop up, you can remove the plastic. When the seedlings have several leaves on the stem, then you can transport them into larger plots. When you plant your seedlings, keep in mind that lemons like slightly acidic soil. If you need to make your soil more acidic, you can add lime or sulfur to change the pH.


For the tree to grow and produce lemons, you need to water it. Lemons like water. They really like water, but you shouldn’t over-water them. Keep the soil moist. If the soil is soggy, then root rot can develop, and that can cause the plant to die. To be sure, take your forefinger and stick it into the soil. If your fingertip is wet, then you don’t have to water it. If it is not, then water it until the pot overflows.

It is possible to grow a lemon tree inside, and if you do, make sure the pot has good drainage and mist the plant to keep the leaves moist.

Temperature and Fertilizer

Lemon trees like a lot of sun and warm temperatures. They like a temperature between 50 and 80 degrees. During the winter, if it gets colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible, take the plant inside. The humidity level should also be at 50 percent or higher. You should also fertilize your lemon tree regularly during the growing season. Between spring and fall, fertilize your tree once every two to three weeks. A fertilizer high in nitrogen works best.


Storing TShirt Treasures in Heaven

As believers, we know that our lives are meant to bring Glory to God. But oftentimes it can be difficult to manifest that goal in our everyday lives. So the leadership team here at Christian Shirts and More set out on a mission to find ways to help make this a little easier. While t-shirts might not be the first tool you think of when finding a way to share your faith, it felt to us like a simple way to brand ourselves as Christians, which, can help lead us into conversations that we might not otherwise have had. This desire turned into reality and thus, our mission was born which is, “to assist individuals in the sharing of their faith in Jesus Christ by providing an opportunity for witnessing and identification with other believers”.


Why is it important to share our faith?

If you have accepted Christ as your savior, or perhaps you are shopping for somebody who has made this decision, sharing the Gospel is considered the great honor of our lives. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Not only are we commanded to make disciples by sharing our faith, but as Christians, this is how we find our joy.

How do we share our faith?

By now you know that we share our faith through producing and wearing T-shirts and other apparel to help draw attention to the fact that we are unashamed of our belief in Jesus Christ. But we don’t want it to end there. The vision behind this company is to ensure you have a tool to accomplish our life mission of bringing Glory to God and that starts with a conversation. Here are some helpful ways we have found to use our Tshirts as witnessing tools.

  • Wearing it to work. Thank you Millenials for helping to bring a casual and more relaxed wardrobe into the office these days.
  • Wearing it to sporting events. You’d be surprised how many people will comment, “Can you pray that we win today?” When noticing your shirt.
  • Wearing it to Church. Christians need encouragement from one another. Christians who may be struggling with how to share their faith can easily be encouraged by noticing that their fellow brother or sister in Christ is unabashedly ready to proclaim their faith also.


Sometimes all it takes is a planting of a small seed. You may never even know the impact you might have on somebody by simply wearing a t-shirt but no matter what you wear, we charge you to boldly step out in faith and find ways to bring glory to God. Let us know how we might be able to assist you in that endeavor.

Your friendly Tshirt creators in Christ,