Women’s short hairstyles are coming back

Short hair has always been an expression of women’s empowerment. Through the decades, women have embraced short hair, flaunted it with grace, and considered it a reflection of their courage and independence.

Lately, there has been an increase in the popularity of short hair as women are experimenting with various styles in different colors and shades. From the bobs to the pixies and the undercuts, it seems multiple variants of the classics are making rounds and bringing back the short hair with a vengeance.

So, before you head to your stylist for getting a short hairstyle you had been considering for quite some time, do go through the ideas listed below to draw some inspiration and get ideas.

The pixie cut with a twist

If you like the pixie style, you may like this one even more. Add a little twist to the short pixie and crop it in the nape and add texture to make your look edgy. It may help highlight your features and facial contours, particularly if you have an oval shape. Do keep in mind that this will require a little styling to accentuate the texture in the hair.

The crop

Very much like the classic pixie, more suitable for straight hair, the crop is a very minimalist style that requires very little styling yet is sure to add a little whimsy to your appearance.

The French bob

A shorter version of the bob hairstyle, the French bob, can be styled with bangs in the front. It looks good when curved slightly inwards at the bottom as the hair ends at the chin. The French bob is sure to make you look effortlessly chic with a little styling.

The short curls

You do not need to have straight hair to maintain a good short hairstyle. Short hair looks equally good if you have curly hair. The short soft curly hairstyle is like the pixie cut but has a razor-cut cropped look. The hair is usually kept a little longer at the end.

While short curls do not need a lot of styling, you can style it in different ways; leave it as it is, brings it to the front or brush it all back.

The side-swept bangs

Short hair with long bangs swept to one side can look chic with minimal styling. You can style it in multiple ways and need very little time for that. You can either have it in natural hair or dye your hair in a different color to give it a modern twist.

The extra short hair

The extra short hair is a very sleek cut, so if you want to maintain it, you may have to frequently visit your stylist, especially if you have dyed hair. You can wear it in spikes or flat form. It is super trendy and gives a very edgy look.

The long bob

Stepping away from the very short hairstyles, the last style we will mention is the long bob or the lob. It has been popular for quite some time now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. A lob that ends at your collar bone at the front and is shorter from the back is sure to make you look very trendy and stylish.

As suggested earlier, there is no one definite way of supporting cute short hairstyles. Be it a pixie, undercut or bob, you can wear it sleek or make it shaggy. You can also add bangs or fringes to take off the edge or add a pop of color to make it look even trendier.