Women’s handbags: Why are they the most used accessory by Women?

You will rarely see a woman without a handbag whenever you go out. It is perhaps the most common accessory within the feminine community, not only because they’re fashion statements but also because they’re functional and provide the user with easy access to their personal belongings, like their phone, makeup or even medication.

Handbags come in diverse styles and sizes. Therefore, there is one specific handbag for every woman out there, no matter what her preferences are.

With that being said, we can answer the question that gives a title to this article by saying that handbags are a must-have accessory for all women simply because of their function. Sure, they are working as a fashion statement and can give a clear insight into that specific woman’s personality, but they’re mostly used for the convenience they provide to the person.

You probably don’t know a single woman that doesn’t own a handbag. Or, if you’re a woman yourself, you probably have multiple handbags that you utilize on different occasions, based on the context. We dare to say that handbags are the most essential accessory for women!

Finding your signature handbag

Handbags are useful on all occasions, but if you’re looking for a single option that works for most outfits, the bad news is that you’re unlikely to find it. However, here we have a few tips you can take into account if you would like to make sure that your กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง is a good match for you (and the occasion where you’ll use it).

1. Consider your height

Are you a tall or a short woman? Depending on the answer, you would’ve found the right height size for you. Smaller bags work better for shorter women, while taller women can benefit more from large handbags. There are handbags of different sizes and styles, so playing around with them can help you find the right option for your specific case.

2. Where will you wear it?

The next thing you need to think about is the context where you’ll use the handbag. Is it a regular office day, or perhaps are you hanging out with your best friends?

Neutral colors (black, white, brown) can work better for the first option. For the latter, you can play around with the shades and find something that goes in accordance with your style and current outfit.

3. Learn to wear your purse correctly

If you’re a curvy woman, using your handbag to the hips can withdraw attention from it and from your beautiful figure, too. Hence, it would be best if you used it above your hips to make sure that both your handbag and your figure equally shine. On the other hand, taller women with a slim figure may look better with wearing their handbags around the hip area or slightly above it.

4. Choose the right colors for the occasion

Getting the colors right is quite complicated. However, some colors work better in determining contexts. As mentioned, neutral tones may work better for formal events, like a wedding or a meeting at the office. However, if you’re going to a party in the nighttime, perhaps using brighter colors may be a wiser option.