Why you should use a herb grinder instead of your hands to grind your herbs

If you usually pinch, pull and grind your herbs with your hands, it may be time to think about investing in a herb grinder instead.


Not only is a typical herb grinder incredibly inexpensive, but it has so many uses once you buy one you will wonder why you did not do so before.


What is a herb grinder? — This is a small plastic and metal device that is used to grind herbs. You put the herb in one compartment and close the lid, and then turn the cylinder so that the sharp metal teeth underneath the compartment shred the herbs and pull them through.


While many people will tell you a herb grinder is only used for marijuana, this is actually not true at all. A typical herb grinder can be used to grind many types of herbs, including your cannabis.


Using a herb grinder for marijuana — People who buy a herb grinder to shred their marijuana like it much more than having to do it by hand.


This is because the herb tends to come out finer, and a little more evenly ground. Thus, making it even easier to roll into a cigarette paper or to put into a pipe bowl to smoke.


Your friends will be impressed if you roll your next lot of marijuana with a herb grinder. They will probably enjoy the way it looks and feels even more.


Using a herb grinder for food — Do not get stuck in the mentality that a herb grinder or photo grinder can only be used for marijuana, however, as it can also be used for any other type of herb and spice. Particularly for herbs and spices you add to your food.


Why not use your herb grinder to grind basil, thyme, tarragon or oregano for your next homemade pizza, instead of pulling the herbs off a plant with your hands and then shredding them? Or why not add chives, dill, thyme or parsley to your next fish dish?


A typical herb grinder can grind up any herb, which can then be added to any meat, fish, chicken or seafood dish. It can even be added to any vegetarian or vegan dish as well.


What should you look for in a herb grinder? — Look for a herb grinder that is small enough to comfortably fit into you hand, and with a cylinder mechanism that is easy to turn around. After all, you do not want to be struggling with the herb grinder you buy to grind your herbs, or you may as well just go back to doing it by hand.


Also decide if you want a single compartment herb grinder or one that is a double or triple compartment gadget.


For simple grinding, a single compartment grinder is good enough. If you want to use it for your marijuana, or any other herb that you want to separate certain parts of it, however, then buying a double compartment grinder is the best thing to do.