What are ‘love dolls’ made of?

Many still consider love dolls to be weird toys that they can’t get their heads around because of how they look. They are not real, but yet, they look real. So how can something that is not human still look like one? The answer to this question is down to the materials they are made of.

Let us briefly review some of the common materials used in making love dolls.


One of the most common materials you will find is plastic, but not just any plastic but ABS plastic. Plastic is a popular material because they are vibration-sensitive and are also very compatible with lubricants. For buyers who prefer to oil their dolls before use, plastic is a viable material. Besides, it is also very durable and can last for a very long time before it goes bad, unlike inflatable tubes.

Skin-safe Rubber

Another popular material that has found its way into the doll-making factory is skin-safe Rubber. Skin-safe rubbers may be thermoplastic rubber or thermoplastic elastomer. Also called TPE, these types of rubber are much softer than conventional plastic, which is much harder and discomforting. Also, TPE is compatible with tubes and other types of lubricants.

Cyberskin Elastomer

Perhaps, the moment when the sex dolls industry started growing in leaps and bounds was the moment new versions made of Cyberskin and tactile materials began to flood the market. This type of materials are advertised by manufacturers as being much better than the real thing because of how they feel. Elastomers look and feel like human skin and are very stimulating.

Their soft, velvety feel makes them quite popular among 성인용품 adherents and is highly demanded. The only downside to Elastomer dolls is that they require regular cleaning because of their porous nature. Nonetheless, Elastomer based dolls are just as good as other materials, if not the best in the market.



Silicone dolls are quite popular today, and many of the dolls sold over the internet are infused with silicone tubes. For starters, silicone is soft and silky. Secondly, the material can be manipulated into sexually arousing shapes for buyers with shape fetishes. Furthermore, silicone are great materials used as inserts in the vaginal and anal regions, and many users find them to be quite stimulating.

Another great benefit of silicone is that it is odorless and waterproof, unlike ABS Plastic and Elastomers. If you go for a silicone love doll, you may choose to use special silicone lubricants or water-based lubricants.

Latex dolls

Latex dolls were some of the first-ever love dolls to hit the market, and they still attract significant patronage from buyers. Latex is a very flexible form of rubber that can be inflated. This fabric divides opinion, though. There are die-hard fans of latex dolls because of their glossy texture and wet-like feel. On the other hand, some are put off by the strong smell of latex. If you decide to buy latex love dolls, you will have to treat the doll with extra care so as to prolong its lifespan.