Tips for combining designer durags with your outfits, not for just protecting your hair

People have been matching durags and designer outfits which are usually awesome. It is cool looking how to match first. Celebrities especially hip hop musicians do it well. If you wear some designers’ clothes today let me design you. For those who do not wear you can give it a trial and I think you will like it.

What to consider when the outfit is matching

For example you are gent and you wearing a blue matching track suit, the durag should be different color with the matching outfit. The shoes should also be different in color also. Blue track suit will match better with white designer’s shoes. For the durag, one can choose to wear match it with the shoes. The durag should be shed white with some fancy small black spots. For the ladies, one wearing some Adidas pants, the top should be short then wear some black designer shoes with white stripes, if you are a lady and you have long hair, let the durag be tied around the forehead leaving the rest of the hair hanging. The long black hair will be awesome and you will be looking wonderful.

Matching the drug with T- shirts

Matching a designer T-shirt with a drug looks awesome. The t-shirt can be brown with some attractive words with awesome color. Then the durag will be having strips or some spots which have the color for the written words on the t- shirt. If you are a gentleman you can wear some jeans which can be rugged jeans. The color of the jeans can be black, the jeans should be rugged. Then you can wear some designer shoes. The shoes can be Adidas, white. If it is ladies, ladies can also wear a rugged jean with some high shoes then the hair should be long so that the durag can be around the forehead.

Matching durag with trouser

Trouser obviously you should get from a designer, it should be rugged and new, with some shed brown color, wear a sweeter, and a long sleeved with the designers words. The sweater should be white. Then let the durag’s spots match the trouser. Wear some black timberland both ladies and gents.

Hair and durag

Ladies with long hair, you can decide to tie the durag around your forehead; the rest of the hair is left hanging. One also can do the whole head if one has a short hair.

Shorts and durags

Some shorts are awesome with durags, for the ladies, one can wear short which is rugged and is the color is shed blue. Then wear some short top with some designer’s word. Let the shoes be black timberland. The durag let it match the color of t -shirt with some color which is matching the color of the words which are written on the t shirt.


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