Sewing: An Awesome Hobby That Makes You Fashionable and Productive

The need to stretch those creative muscles exists in everyone, and you’ve undoubtedly felt the need to express yourself over the years. There are countless ways to bring your imaginings to life, but few are as versatile and useful as the art of sewing.


Making affordable garments

Whether you’re skimming through a magazine and found the “it” top of the season or watching a fashion show in Bryant Park, you’ve no doubt seen an outfit you long to wear, but it’s painfully out of your price range.


When you learn how to sew (all you need is a good sewing machine for beginners and some creativity) these restrictions go out the window. At a fraction of the cost, you can recreate any look in the comfort of your own home.


Create one of a kind looks

Why stop at making outfits other people have crafted? Making your clothes is a clever way to expand both your wardrobe and your creative muscles. Besides, who doesn’t love sporting one of a kind garments?


With sewing as your hobby, you can stretch your inventiveness and design your own unique patterns. When people ask you where you got that amazing jacket, you’ll be able to proudly say that not only did you design it, you made it.


Make your own accessories

If you’re a beginner, or perhaps just not in the mood to design an entire outfit from scratch, you can always craft accessories to go along with what’s already in your closet.


Scarves are an easy item to make and can go with virtually any style. Make a handbag that has all the storage needed and every pocket in the right place just for you. Accessories are the icing on the cake on any outfit and, with so many ways to enhance your clothes, your creativity will know no bounds.


Sell your creations

How often can you make a bit of extra money from doing something you love in your home? You certainly can do this when you sew as a hobby. Whether your specialty is handbags, scarves, dresses, or anything in between, there’s a market for everyone.


Advertise on your social media pages or start your own webpage to offer your fun creations to the world.



Everybody loves to receive a gift that has a story, and what better story is there than telling your loved one that you made something unique just for them.


Whether someone just had a new baby who could use a cute onsie (or ten) or Grandma needs a new hat for the winter, sewing is a great way to give those you love presents that reflect their personality and your hard work.



The world is a stressful place. With family obligations, work demands, and a myriad of other duties filling up your time, it’s important to find a hobby that relaxes you.


Sewing is a great way to get into your own headspace after a long day. Take your focus off all of life’s distractions and focus solely on creating something new.


From getting the hot look of the season to making your own splash in the fashion world, you can spruce up your wardrobe and delight loved ones with clever gifts. All the while, you’ll be engaging in a relaxing hobby and saving money-maybe you’ll even be making some extra cash. The delights that come from sewing are truely endless.