Rifle Fans: Ar-15 or Ar-10?

Both assault rifles are light and compact in design. And, both attract great attention especially for gun collectors, law enforcement, hunters and shooters for sport.

The AR was actually the weapon of civilians before it became a military weapon. Because the weapons are extremely similar, there are interchangable parts between the two. Although this may vary due to manufactures. The buttstock assembly on both rifles is the same diameter. This simple part can improve shooting quality as well as comfort. Thrigger group is another part that can be interchanged between the two. The magazing release button and spring is another example. The pistol grip is often the same size and allows for more accurate shots. Because the rifles are so light there is more room to carry more ammunition. The rifles are constructed with alloy which is a great secret to the popular lightweightedness.

AR 10 has slightly larger bullets which means they travel at a lower speed. However, due to the higher mass of the larger bullet means that there is a chance that greater kinetic energy can be used to increase stopping power  – thanks to https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/ for pointing that out. This is the rifle that has been known to be flawless. This gun was created with intentions of no improvements.With a good scope the range on this rifle is able to increase to around 1000 yards.

AR 15 has a higher rate of fire which translates into multiple hits.

This is the rifle that is more suitable for home protection, security, public protection and hunting for small game. This gun has a 3 in advantage over the ar-10 becuase it is actually preferred because it is more suitable for tactile missions and close range targets. Hence the reason the bullets travel faster for longer distances. The effective range is from 525 yards to 800 yards which depends on if the scope is standard or high quality.

The rule of thumb is the better the gun the higher the price. The ar-10 can cost anywhere from $900 to $8000 USD. Becuase the ar-15 is smaller and slightly lighter the price range on that gun is $500 to $3000 which is expected. Deals and discounts are very popular if time is permitted to find the perfect rifle.

There are many similarities and not many differenecs between the two rifles. The caliber of rifle is the main deciding factor. The AR-15 is the more lethal option of the two. For the civilian rifles and applications there are virtually no derogatory marks that may help decipher the difference between the two and the accuracy is nearly the same. Looking for the perfect rifle doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many factors to chose from. The easiest way a consumer to locate the perfect rifle is to start searching and allow time for research to be completed. Pay attention to reviews and recalls as well as updates. The most tailored gun that a consumer will find, is the gun that fits all of their needs.