New York City Plastic Surgery

If you’re shopping for a NYC Plastic Surgeon, there are a lot of doctors and clinics to choose from. Below is a complied list of excellent and trustworthy clinics providing the ultimate plastic surgery procedure.

Allure Plastic Surgery is a well-known plastic surgery facility in New York City. The clinic is known for its emphasis on patient’s overall well-being and health. They practice safe and ethical surgical procedures. They hand pick their surgeons and anesthesiologists and nurses. Their staff makes sure patients have an enjoyable pre and post-operative procedure. Allure Plastic Surgery thoroughly makes sure patients are well aware of their surgery and how the staff will be there with them throughout the entire process. State of the art facilities is where the surgeries are performed. Private operating suites are available. Transportation is also available for those who request it.

Matthew Schulman Plastic Surgery makes our list of top plastic surgery clinics in NYC. This clinic is a boutique practice serving patients on an international level. The doctor’s surgical staff and office team are trained experts who will deliver an optimal experience for patients. Compassion, results and safety is what this doctor lives by. He makes sure every patient that comes through his clinic is served with these three principles. Because of this clinic’s prestige, it is a very sought after medical practice. Patients can choose from an array of breast, body and face surgical procedures.

Park Avenue Plastic Surgery is the third clinic on the list. The New York City based clinic is all about helping patients gain self-confidence through feeling and looking great. Enhancement of the appearance is what this practice does for patients. They aid patients with helping reshaping body features. With the modern technologies on the market, any patient’s desire can be easily achieved. They do surgeries for people who have some abnormalities due to disease and accidents. When a patient has chosen this clinic, they have a virtual consultation with the surgeon. This consultation provides a digital blueprint of the outcome of the patient’s surgery. This digital drawing estimates accurately how the body will look.

Shaffer Plastic Surgery is known Botox, dermal fillers, breast augmentations and body cosmetic procedures. Rest assured as a patient in this clinic for its leading doctor, Dr. David Shafer. The doctor has been certified twice as a plastic surgeon specializing in surgeries for the breast, body and face. He received his training from the prestigious Mayo Clinic. The Manhattan clinic offers patients the options of noninvasive and surgical procedures.

The fifth and final surgical clinic on our list is West Village Plastic Surgery. West Village Plastic Surgery is known for creating natural enhancements through cosmetic surgery. The leading surgeon for facility has been rated as one of the top plastic surgeons in the city for seven years in a row because of the surgeon’s ability to sculpt the body in a beautiful aesthetic way. Facial fillers and Botox treatments are also available at this clinic.