Let Your Faith Guide Your Fashion

Fashion is demonstrative


Fashion is the ultimate outward expression of personality. For example, when attending a funeral, it is common to wear black as a symbol of mourning. At weddings, the bride, as a token of purity and innocence, wears white. Most babies also wear white when being baptized for the same purpose. A lot can be garnered about a person by the clothing they wear. Humans are walking billboards for their likes and interests. It is easy to determine that one likes country music if they are wearing a t-shirt with Garth Brooks on the front. Perhaps, their interest in country music is specific to the 1990s, considering that was the height of Garth Brooks’ fame. On the same token, someone wearing a Christian t-shirt is likely a believer, and furthermore it is feasible that he or she is a practicing Christian.


Planting the seed of faith


The very origins of clothing can be traced back to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve first became aware of their nudity as an act of sin. With movies like God is Not Dead, Christians were called to action. The movie urged believers to use their social media to let the world know that our Savior lives, and through Him, redemption. Matthew 10:33 (King James Bible) sends a clear message, “But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” As Christians, we want our fellow humans to know the kind of unconditional love that only exists through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We want to spend eternal life with our Father in heaven in the company of those we love most. Aside from social media, what better way to proclaim your faith than by displaying it on the clothing you wear.


Be a model for Christianity


Moreover, what better reminder to conduct yourself as a Christian when wearing your Christian apparel (visit Kens Christian T-Shirts to see what’s on offer). Far from being perfect, Christians are flawed. This is the very reason Jesus resurrected. Therefore, we should conduct ourselves in a way when representing God and His word that makes non-believers want to know Him. It is our duty to bring our fellow man to Christ. We are so loved that God laid down His crown and walked away from His throne to sacrifice for us. He deemed us worthy. In turn, He is more than worthy to be a part of our expression of faith and personality through the apparel we wear.

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