How to find photography jobs (even as a beginner + tips)

The job market is a rough place no matter what your profession these days, but if you’re creative enough, just like photographer oahu, you can always find a gig. There’s bound to be someone out there who needs you to be just who you are. Photography is no different. Here are a few ways you can improve your business and find jobs as a photographer.

Social Media

This first one is kind of a no brainer. Everyone is on social media now a days and it’s a veritable paradise for any type of creative business. Everyone’s always posting about birthdays, weddings, and other events that require the hiring of a photographer. You can even set up a page just for your business and it could spread across the web like wildfire.

Hometown Paper

Another thing that can help boost business is the good old fashioned paper. People have been placing ads in the paper for decades now. Why? Because it’s dirt cheap advertising. Not everyone reads the paper anymore, but you could drum up quite an impressive amount of business just by catering to those who still prefer print to screen.

Word of mouth

This is no doubt the world’s oldest form of advertisement. If people like you they will tell their friends about you and so on. Take on each job as if your life depends on it and strive to impress not only your current clients but prospective ones as well. You never know when someone could be thinking of hiring you.

Job Post Websites

This one may sound a little off the wall, but companies rely on these sites all the time to find qualified individuals to take photos for company functions. Most of these sites allow you to upload an resume and even attach previous samples of your work. Crazy as it may sound it is a valid option.

Business cards

Business cards are a tride and true way to drum up some business. You can leave them around pretty much anywhere. Most shops and stores will even let you drop them off and leave them lying on their front counter for customers to peruse while finishing up business with said shop.

You should also visit Youtube and check out various videos on how to improve as a photographer, so you can add to your skillset all the time. Here are some pretty good videos with a few tips: