Driving with a Chinese Driver’s License in Australia

Australia is well-recognized for its naturally beautiful sceneries and cultural diversity that attracts many people from worldwide. When you compare between public transport system for Australia and China, you may notice there are very different. You may find the fare charges in Australia to be relatively high.


The country’s big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have various tourist attractions within their CBD’s vicinities. Therefore, visitors can enjoy their view even while traveling using public means of transport. Besides, the regular hikes to sceneries in far located areas such as the Penguin Island and the Great Ocean Road are incredibly impressive.


If you would love to explore Australia’s local culture or enjoy the beauty nature comes with, road driving trips can be a perfect choice. For those Chinese citizens visiting Australia for the first time, the obvious concern is whether the Australian government legally recognizes the Chinese driver’s license. Well, the answer is yes. But there are a few things you would need to have to enjoy driving in the country.


For instance, you must have an original Chinese driver’s license. A recognized 驾照翻译 translation agency should translate it into Australian English for easy reading and understanding.


The requirement is the same as for temporary visa holders such as students, tourists, employees, businesspersons, non-permanent residents in Australia. Besides, you may have two options to consider if you have a temporary visa and want to drive in Australia.


  1. Get International Driving Permit

In case you already own an international driving permit, there’s nothing that will limit you from driving in Australia. But, because China is not one of the FIA members and doesn’t even recognize the international driver’s license, it can be hard to get it on china’s mainland.


The good thing is that you can apply for a Hong Kong driver’s license using a china driver’s license from the mainland. After that, apply for the permit using now the Hong Kong driver’s license.


The whole process follows certain criteria, which you must strictly follow, and the fees charged are high. In other words, obtaining an international driver’s permit from Australia can be a tricky task.


  1. Use Chinese Driver’s license and approved translation

Australia’s government only accepts Chinese driver’s licenses formally translated by certified translators.


Renting a car in Australia

With your Chinese driver’s license, its translation copy, and a credit card, you can easily rent a car from anywhere across the country. Therefore, there is no doubt about driving across your favorite Australian attraction spots. if you are visiting Australia soon you know have the information you need about your driving license.