Custom Baseball Cap Styles in Fashion

Breaking in New Baseball Caps

In the 1800s baseball was just starting and officials cared so little about headwear that the first baseball team wore straw hats. In the mid-1800s baseball caps began to be formed. They became very popular at the beginning of the 19th century and were traditionally made of cotton fabric. The bill was big enough to block out the sun and protect your face from the rain. A traditional cap also had a cloth covered button on top and grommets for ventilation. Today men and women alike, wear baseball caps everywhere. They are offered in fitted caps, adjustable snapback caps, and adjustable slide closure caps. The cap should sit above your ears and leave a little space between the top of your head and cap. The current fashion is to wear a baseball cap and have the bill flat with a slight curve. In order to shape the custom ball cap how you want it, dampen the bill with hot water and bend it with your hands how you want it. To properly break it in you should wear it while the cap air dries.

How Custom Baseball Caps became Fashionable

A small Buffalo-based company called New Era, decided to introduce their own version and named it the 59Fifty. This is now the standard of MLB. The 59fifty uses a 6-panel design. The front two panels over the bill are made with a stiff material called buckram and the bill is almost 3” out. Before the 80s most people saw baseball caps as childish outside of baseball games. But that all changed around 1980 after Tom Selleck wore a baseball cap on Magnum P.I. Since Magnum was cool, baseball caps must be cool. Another huge moment for baseball caps came in 1996, after director Spike Lee asked for a red Yankees cap to match his red Yankee jacket. The VP of New Era says that 60% of their sales now go to non-athletes.

Most Popular Cap Styles in Fashion

Now that baseball caps are normal for any wardrobe of men and women, there are many styles to choose from. One is the snap back, Yupoong Pro-Style Snapback. The 6-panel design has the seam go through the center for a less stylized look. Being able to adjust the size in the back is very popular with streetwear and the company even offers custom designs to go over the half-moon opening in the back. Another is the fitted, Pro-Style Flex Fit. These caps are not adjustable and fit your head securely. They have an elastic Flexfit band that makes sure any custom size won’t slide off. Another very popular one is the New Era Flat Bill Snapback. New Era is still one of the most popular brands of MLB caps and everyday baseball caps.