Commercial versus Residential Locksmith – What’s the difference?

There may come a moment when one would question themselves if there is a significant difference between a commercial and residential locksmith. These differences will be explored further in this article as we also realize that not all doors lock the same. These differences bring about the importance of finding the correct locksmith as per one’s needs. The average homeowner may only need to have locks changed on rare occasions and may get occasional key cut for a house guest or a child who may need their key. However, businesses may need to have more keys cut to deal with employee turnover as security in organizations is crucial. Many businesses build up a relationship with locksmiths for the reason of safety.


Residential locksmiths work with residential properties. These locksmiths have invested years of training into exquisitely mastering the technology required to work with the automotive locks. The other type is Commercial locksmiths, who work exclusively on highly specialized locks for commercial purposes.


 Residential Locksmith


They specialize in the safety and security of homes. Some of the tasks that they are highly specialized in include repairing locks, cutting out new keys, and helping people who may have been locked out of their house. Residential locksmiths come in handy in situations where one may have lost their keys. In cases where one needs additional access, these locksmiths would be of great help.

Residential locksmiths (see locksmith near me) can also help assess one’s home security after a careful study of the various locking mechanisms within one’s residential property and provide tips for upgrading the locks.


Commercial Locksmith


They are primarily concerned with commercial businesses. Since commercial properties use unique locks and systems than residential homes, a higher level of expertise is needed to handle the locking mechanisms, thus requiring a high level of training, experience, and skills. Additionally, commercial locksmiths may need to have extensive knowledge of a wide range of the commercial locking systems’ ins and outs. They deal with extensive lock control systems ranging from electronic security controls, safes, filing cabinets, panic bars, and bank vaults. They also have experience in master key systems.




In short, like any other field of specialization, locksmiths may opt to practice in residential or commercial properties, depending on their interests. Finding the right locksmith should also not be overlooked, as it is the best way to ensure the safety of one’s home or business. Some of the considerations to make in choosing a locksmith would depend on the skills, expertise, and technology necessary for specific needs.

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