Can Hemp Oil Help Prevent And Treat Cancer?

What Is Hemp And Hemp Oil? What Are They Used For?

The hemp plant is a variety of the cannabis plant. It is most often grown for its fiber which is used to create clothing, rope, carpets and other textiles. The nut of the plant is consumed as a food and is used as a supplement because of its high nutritional value. Hemp cake or the outer layer of the hemp seeds is used as a flour and animal feed.

Hemp oil is produced when hemp seeds or nuts are crushed to release their oily contents. The oil that is extracted from the nuts or seeds is refereed to as being hemp oil. This oil is used as a supplement, cooking oil, fuel, lubricant, cosmetic ingredient and industrial ingredient. Hemp oil is also now being used increasingly as a medicine for diseases such as epilepsy and even cancer.

How Is Hemp And Hemp Oil Different Than Regular Cannabis And Cannabis Oil?

Hemp plants typically contain significantly lower amounts of THC. This is the substance that creates the high feeling that is associated with smoking or ingesting cannabis. Hemp also has less cannabidiol than cannabis. This is one of the substances that is said to be effective at relieving pain, anxiety and fighting against cancer. Due to the fact that the hemp plant has lower amounts of THC, it produces less of a high feeling when smoked or ingested in the form of an oil. Hemp oil also contains less cannabidiol than cannabis oil so the medicinal effects such as pain relief in regular hemp oil are significantly less than in cannabis oil.

So Is Hemp Oil Effective In Treating And Preventing Cancer?

To answer this question in the most accurate way, the answer depends on what kind of hemp oil you use. Regular hemp oil will have low amounts of cannabinoids and THC. These are the substances that are purported to have medicinal and anti-cancer effects. So if you use a regular hemp oil, you will most likely see little to no results in cancer treatment. It will also have minimal impact on cancer prevention.

Right now, there are varieties of hemp oil such CBD and THC hemp oil. CBD oil is made from a special variety of hemp that has been cultivated to contain very large amounts of medicinal cannabinoids. If you use this kind of oil, then the chances of treating or fighting against a cancer are remarkably higher. This kind of oil can also be used as supplemental preventive measure to help thwart cancer from developing in the body.

Research Into Hemp Oil Being Effective As A Cancer Treatment And Prevention Measure

According to Cancer Research UK, THC, which is a cannabinoid found in hemp oil seems to have many positive effects with regards to cancer. The substance has been found to help trigger the death of malevolent cancer cells and stop the spread of cancerous cells by prohibiting division and tumor development. Cancer Research UK also found that mice that were given cannabinoids seemed to have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer.

So according to studies by the UK’s leading authority on cancer research, it seems that cannabinoids found in hemp oil can help treat cancer and prevent it. Research is still relatively new into this subject. The consensus among medical authorities is that it can help fight cancer and provide relief.