Awesome ways of enjoying summer at affordable prices

Awesome ways of enjoying summer at affordable prices

Water slides are designed for recreational use. Water is used to reduce the friction that is created for the sliders to travel faster down the slide. A water pump or a hose pipe, in the case of a domestic slide, is used to direct water to the top of the slide where it is then let to flow down the slides surface freely. It is normally advisable to have a person overlooking the slide to offer support in case anyone using it gets hurt, they can be attend to shortly. The Inflatable slides are meant for domestic use. They are made of strong PVC and nylon. They are normally inflated with air for the slide structure to be erect. Inflatable slides can be purchased in different sizes depending on the intended use. During summer, it is no doubt that organizing kids is a chore. When temperatures rise, kids desire to play outside increases. Cooling for them outside becomes a necessity for them. Having to keep the kids entertained would be a great relief for most parents with maximum fun experience for the kids. Having an inflatable slide at the back of your yard is a great example of keeping kids busy. You can have these water slides designed at affordable prices, see inflatable water slides for sale, with the kids’ favorite cartoon characters. Below are examples of back yard water slide ideas that are certain to have kids entertained during summer.

The pirate water slide:

Children have a great sense of imagination. Having them pretend to be pirates using pirate slang and playing with sticks as swords are common in today’s children. The slide holds up to five kids and can fully inflate in less than two minutes. The pirate water slide has a water slide, splash pool, a crawl tunnel which ends at the bouncer, a climbing wall, and two water cannons for children to water blast one another. The water slide is kept wet by the spout of water that is found at the top of the slide. You can purchase a pirate water slide at an affordable price like $549.99 with free shipping. It measures 20 inches by 13 inches by 8 inches. This means that you should be certain it can fit your yard. The pirate slide is recommended for children not younger than three years. Despite the water slide being affordable, it does not look cheap like other inflatable slides. It has a cool range of colors that ensure the backyard is left looking good.

Rocky mountain inflatable slide:

The rocky mountain inflatable slide is designed for children who are five years and above. The slide comprises a miniature rock climb wall, two slides, and a splash pool. The unique feature about this slide is the water dump bucket that empties its contents to the children who climb the wall without warning at any given time. The slide holds up to four children at a given time. The rocky mountain inflatable costs $455.76 inclusive of shipping. This price offers great value for money given how much use you can get out of it. It has been rated by over 160 customers highly at an average of 4.4. It measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 8.5 inches.