Practical Uses for a Pocket Knife

A Swiss Army knife is like having a tiny toolbox in your pocket. These pocket knives come in a variety of models and give you many different tool combinations which means you never need to lug around an entire toolbox.

The following are 3 practical uses for that versatile Swiss Army knife (which you can buy here: Taschenmesser Kaufen) you’ve acquired.

Start a Fire

When you are out on a camping trip, you need to make a fire. So when you aren’t carrying a lighter with you, you can use your Swiss Army knife, a tiny piece of steel wool and the battery from a flashlight.

Before heading out store the piece of steel wool inside the Swiss Army knife. Open the bottle opener and take a piece of steel wool, twist it into a thin piece of twine and push it in the knife using a toothpick or tweezers. Close the bottle opener part of the knife. When you need to start the fire open the can opener and the bottle opener halfway so it is perpendicular to the knife. Take out the steel wool and combine it with a cotton ball or shredded paper to make a tinder ball. This should be about the size of your thumbnail. Take a small battery out of a flashlight and place the negative size against the bottle opener. Slowly close the can opener side against the top of the other side of the battery. Place the tinder close enough to touch the positive side of the battery and can opener of the Swiss knife. This will create an electrical circuit and catch the tinder on fire.

Make a Stove

Take a small can of tuna. Open the lid half-way with the can opener side of the Swiss Army knife. Eat the tuna and then fold the lid back into the can. Fill the open slit with methyl alcohol. Place a few small stones around the tuna can stove to support a pot. Light your stove and place your pot across the stones.

Make a Carry-All

Create an A-frame out of wood branches to carry heavy things. This carry-all help move your campsite or other heavy stuff. Just be sure your Swiss Army knife has a saw blade for this project.

Cut two branches that are about an inch in diameter with the Swiss Army Saw. Make sure the branches are about 5 to 7 feet long. Tie the branches together in a triangle form. Cut a crossbar and tie it in the middle of the triangle. It should look something like the letter A. Cut two other crossbars to place towards the end of the triangle to give the frame strength. Tie a loop at the triangle tip to pull the carry-all. Load it up and you are ready to go.

Make sure to maintain your knife, so the blade lasts a long time – tips on how to maintain it can be found on youtube:

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