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Raw Food Diet for your Pet

Dogs are an important part of our families. As a dog owner you want to make sure that your dog has a long and healthy life and their diet is a good way to ensure this.

The raw food diet for dogs emphasizes raw meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs and some diary. The raw meats can consist of muscles and organ meat. The muscle meat may even still be on the bone. The bones can be crushed or whole. The thought is that dogs flourish on the raw food diet since it mimics their diet prior to be domesticated. It allows the dog to use the nutrients that it is best able to process. The grain-based commercial pet foods are thought to be harder for the dog to process. Please note that this raw food diet is only recommended in dogs 12 weeks or older.

Benefits of the raw food diet are: shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and more energy. Even their breath is said to smell better.

However, as with any diet for a human or an animal, there are potential risks as well. The meat in the raw diet is often uncooked so there is an increased chance of bacteria and deadly pathogens that can make your pet sick and could even be transmitted into their humans. Also, since the diet can consist of whole bones, there is a choking hazard, potential teeth damage or even internal punctures from the bones.

As with any sort of diet change, you want to keep an eye on your pet while you transition them from dry food to raw dog food. It is a slow process that will take some added time from their human owner. It is imperative to keep an eye on your pet during this transition and if you see signs that your pet is not feeling well, you need to proceed with the change at a slower pace.

The internet is full of raw diet recipes for your pet. It is important to look at the nutritional balance of these recipes and base the ingredients on the breed and size of your dog. The best way to find out the best combination for your pet is to talk openly with your veterinarian. The raw diet can be time consuming as a pet owner so make sure you are willing to commit to the extra time it may require.

There are companies available that you can order the raw food diet from. These are ideal for pet parents that are limited on time. They are marketed as freeze-dried or frozen foods allowing the foods to maintain their nutrients. The mixture is usually the grain, vitamins and vegetables with only the raw meat needed added at the time of preparation.

It is important to remember that not all diets are alike and right for every dog, just like in humans. It is important to take into any food sensitivities and health issues when determining if the raw food diet is right for your pet. The process from switching between a commercial diet to a raw food diet is a process that will require patience and love from you, the pet owner.


Payday Loans Explained

Do you ever run out of money before payday? During this time, your bills still come due. You need money, but your boss will not budge. In some states, you can get a loan into your bank account within the hour. However, there are things you should know before getting a payday loan.


How Do Payday Loans Work and What Will One Cost Me?


Payday loans differ from other loans. Either you can get a payday loan in person or you can go online and apply for one. There are different laws in different states about payday loans. These laws limit the amount you can borrow and/or how much interest and fees the lender can impose. Some states do not allow payday loans. Dependent upon state laws, a payday loan can range between $50 and $1000. Thirty-two states allow payday loans but with a capped loan amount. Some other states limit payday loans. For example, loan amounts are capped at 25% of the borrower’s income. Some states do not have statutory provisions about payday loans. One needs to be very careful when getting a payday loan.


How Do I Repay a Payday Loan and Will It Affect My Credit?


Most of the time, one is required to repay the loan by one’s next payday. Lenders vary their repayment terms, so be sure and ask for the due date or check it in the agreement. Since different lenders have different terms, you may have options to pay off the balance. These can include a postdated check, your next paycheck, paying online or debiting your bank account. Twenty percent of borrowers do not pay the balance and are in default. Over 80 percent of these loans are “rolled over”, meaning that the loans are renewed within 30 days. A rollover is legal in some states, in others it is not. Renewing the loan (rolling it over) provides the borrower added time to fulfill the loan agreement. There are additional fees if the borrower needs added time. One’s credit score does not change when applying for one of these loans. They also will not appear on your credit report when you accept the loan. They will appear on the report if you default and they sell your account to the collection agency.


What Are Some Alternatives to a Payday Loan?


Alternatives to payday loans include personal loans (get a personal loan from Zebra), loans from family or friends, and high-risk credit cards. Some of these alternatives have a higher rate of interest than personal loans. However, the interest is lower than what a payday loan has to offer. Sometimes borrowing from family members is not the best solution either. Payday loans are a good alternative if someone has short-term financial problems. Dependence upon them becomes very expensive.


Custom Baseball Cap Styles in Fashion

Breaking in New Baseball Caps

In the 1800s baseball was just starting and officials cared so little about headwear that the first baseball team wore straw hats. In the mid-1800s baseball caps began to be formed. They became very popular at the beginning of the 19th century and were traditionally made of cotton fabric. The bill was big enough to block out the sun and protect your face from the rain. A traditional cap also had a cloth covered button on top and grommets for ventilation. Today men and women alike, wear baseball caps everywhere. They are offered in fitted caps, adjustable snapback caps, and adjustable slide closure caps. The cap should sit above your ears and leave a little space between the top of your head and cap. The current fashion is to wear a baseball cap and have the bill flat with a slight curve. In order to shape the custom ball cap how you want it, dampen the bill with hot water and bend it with your hands how you want it. To properly break it in you should wear it while the cap air dries.

How Custom Baseball Caps became Fashionable

A small Buffalo-based company called New Era, decided to introduce their own version and named it the 59Fifty. This is now the standard of MLB. The 59fifty uses a 6-panel design. The front two panels over the bill are made with a stiff material called buckram and the bill is almost 3” out. Before the 80s most people saw baseball caps as childish outside of baseball games. But that all changed around 1980 after Tom Selleck wore a baseball cap on Magnum P.I. Since Magnum was cool, baseball caps must be cool. Another huge moment for baseball caps came in 1996, after director Spike Lee asked for a red Yankees cap to match his red Yankee jacket. The VP of New Era says that 60% of their sales now go to non-athletes.

Most Popular Cap Styles in Fashion

Now that baseball caps are normal for any wardrobe of men and women, there are many styles to choose from. One is the snap back, Yupoong Pro-Style Snapback. The 6-panel design has the seam go through the center for a less stylized look. Being able to adjust the size in the back is very popular with streetwear and the company even offers custom designs to go over the half-moon opening in the back. Another is the fitted, Pro-Style Flex Fit. These caps are not adjustable and fit your head securely. They have an elastic Flexfit band that makes sure any custom size won’t slide off. Another very popular one is the New Era Flat Bill Snapback. New Era is still one of the most popular brands of MLB caps and everyday baseball caps.



Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get The Services of A Private Driving Instructor

At one point in life, everyone wants to learn how to drive. The ambition may be different including wishing to improve your employment status, to start driving to school or even to have the freedom of traveling anywhere without having to experience the delays of public transport. However, regardless of the reason, you are first required to take driving lessons before you can obtain your driving license. Every State needs you to have a particular amount of time behind the wheel with a licensed instructor that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has verified.

But what do you do when you find yourself struggling in your driving lessons? Driving lessons are not the same for everyone. Some students may be slow learners and in need of further lessons. Several people may feel comfortable learning in a group while others may seem less confident. When you are nervous, you may feel uncomfortable driving in the presence of other people or even sitting in a car with a new driver on the wheels. When such is the case, you may consider getting the services of a private instructor. What advantages do you get from hiring a private driving instructor?

  1. You can Get Personalized classes

Learning how to drive can be a very demanding and overwhelming process. The person that sits on the passenger side of the wheel has a tremendous influence on your overall performance. A driving instructor should be in a position to make you feel comfortable and earn your trust if you are to succeed in the class. It may take a couple of drives with the instructor before you feel comfortable. However, when you consider private driving lessons from a driving school, the instructor may change with each class making it difficult for them to fully get to know you and know your strengths and weaknesses.

By getting a private driving instructor, you can learn through a person to person teaching style that may be better and more effective than the group training in a driving school. However, it is best to know that the services of a private instructor may be slightly higher than those by a driving school. Even so, you can learn at your own pace with customized lessons that are meant to make you feel comfortable while behind the wheel.

  1. A private Instructor is Flexible

Sometimes you may find that you have a full plate with the various activities going on in your life. Keeping up with a regular driving school may be difficult. Fortunately, a private driving instructor’s classes are very flexible. Your instructor can work around your schedule and select a time that best works for you.

  1. Better Results

Once you get a private driving instructor, you have a better chance of passing your drive test. The instructor works at your own pace as they understand your limitations and strengths. You may get the services of a private instructor to accelerate your learning process.

Now you’re looking huh?


Fixing a garage door yourself versus hiring a company to do it for you?

Of all of the parts of your home, your garage often gets the short end of the stick and is easily overlooked for other parts of your home that are more visible to others. This is a mistake as while your garage is not likely to be the showcase of your home (unless you are a car affectionato), it is an important entryway to your home and an essential part of your home for storing a valuable home and protecting your family. This begins with a quality garage door that is setup properly to secure your home. When it breaks, however, you will need to decide if you want to fix it yourself or use a contractor to handle for you. The answer to this question will likely fluctuate dependent on your skills and experience, as well as the type of garage door you have (automatic or manual).

Fixing a Garage Door by Yourself

Some people feel as if fixing a garage door is a do-it-yourself project. For those who are handy, many aspects of the work can be handled by yourself, particularly if you have a garage door that you open manually. Examples include painting or repairing damaged portions of the garage door. Simple cleaning or maintenance work on the garage door are often components that can be fixed by a handy homeowner. Many people are also able to realign the garage door sensors when they are preventing the garage door from shutting properly. The major benefits of fixing a garage door yourself are the cost savings involved with doing so, as well as the shorter wait time and better control over the project. However, it can be time consuming to research and may not be right for everyone.

Fixing a Garage Door with a Contractor

Most people will ultimately contact a contractor to have their garage door fixed or replaced, and with good reason. While there is a cost associated with paying More information can be found on: garage door repair lincoln ne. to fix it, the cost is not all that significant as compared to other home renovation projects. Further, a contractor can often do a better overall job than an individual can do on their own, particularly if the job involves installing an automatic garage door opener as opposed to one that you manually open or close, or if the repairs are centered on the electrical wiring of the system. Homeowners should typically avoid touching the electrical wiring in their home unless they have a significant amount of experience with electrical systems. Contractors are often able to better align your garage sensors so that your garage door will open and close without issue. In addition, they can make sure that your garage door looks attractive, is easy to use, and is set up with the modern sensors and equipment to make the garage door look attractive and act as a secure barrier of entry to your home. Given the marginal cost of hiring someone to install or repair your garage door, this is a worthwhile investment in your home that should not be marginalized as a minor outside project.


CBD and Cancer Treatment

The Effects of the Active Ingredients of Marijuana


Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The active ingredients in marijuana,delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD) have been studied to see if they serve any medical purposes. The different compounds found within marijuana have different effects. For instance, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causes people to feel high. It also can cure nausea, relieve pain, act as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation. Cannabidiol (CBD) can help reduce seizures and help treat anxiety and paranoid in some cases. However, in other cases it may contribute to mental disorders including paranoia and anxiety. It varies from individual to individual.


The Legality of Marijuana Use for Medicinal Purposes

Currently, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists marijuana and cannabinoids as Schedule I controlled substances. This means that it is illegal to possess and prescribe marijuana. In many states it is illegal to possess cannabis, however, many states are making it legal for medicinal purposes. Some cannabinoids are available commercially including, dronabinol and nabilone, are approved for the treatment of cancer side effects.

Studies on Marijuana’s Effectiveness as a Cancer Treatment


Some recent studies have shown that CBD cannabinoids (e.g. cbd capsules) may have the ability to kill cancer cells directly and can inhibit tumor growth. However, it is not currently approved by the FDA for cancer treatment and many medical professionals are not convinced that it is an effective treatment. In reality, it really depends on who you ask and what source of information you are basing your opinion off of. However, many scientific and medical professionals seem to agree that CBD cannabinoids do help treat cancer symptoms. Many of the tests regarding cannainoids and cancer growth have been done in test tubes and on mice. There have not been a lot of human trials. However, the human trials that have been conducted have not shown strong evidence so far.

More human trials are planned in the future to test marijuana’s effectiveness at treating cancer. When tested on mice and test tubes the cannibinoids have shown to suppress lung cancer cells. It is also believed that the cannibinoids can kill off cancer cells before they become full blown tumors and may play a role in cancer prevention due to the fact that cannbinoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Many doctors believe that using cannibinoids will not have a negative impact on cancer so it is worth a try but you should not discontinue your regular, doctor provided treatments because the scientific evidence is not clear yet. So far the only conclusive evidence regarding marijuana and cancer is that it helps to increase appetite and reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy and cancer. It also helps with pain management for those who are suffering from the disease. More scientific research and human trials need to be conducted before marijuana could be considered and effective treatment. Relying solely on marijuana as opposed to convention treatment can lead to very negative side effects.